Garage Door Tracks

Bent garage door tracks? Call our team. We offer quick repair service in Orleans, Ontario. Call us for any problem related to the tracks. Are they dented? Is your vertical track misaligned? Such issues will affect the performance of your overhead door. It might jam. If tracks are not aligned properly, the door might also bind. To avoid such problems, call Garage Door Repair Orleans for any track service. We respond as fast as possible and can repair or replace the tracks at your garage. Do you have any trouble with the rollers? Our pros can replace these parts too. Whether you want to schedule the replacement of the wheels or need urgent garage door tracks Orleans repairs, count on our pros.Garage Door Tracks Orleans

What can go wrong with garage door tracks?

If you bump in the garage door tracks with the car, they will get damaged. But tracks are also affected by the weather conditions. If they are not made of stainless steel, they will corrode. If they are but the garage door rollers are rusty or the tracks are not lubricated, their protective layer will be scratched and they will rust. Tracks are secured with fasteners. If the fasteners are loose so will the tracks. And when they fall out of alignment, the door will get stuck or it will come off track. If the cable is broken or have come off the drum and you try to close the overhead door, the tracks might bend. But the wrong selection of tracks will also create operational problems. When it comes to garage door tracks and rollers, their services are important for proper door operation. And that’s when you will need our team the most.

What can our pros do for your tracks?

  • We can repair bent and dented tracks
  • If they are misaligned, we can put them back to their original position
  • We offer quick garage door tracks replacement and can supply you with the right size and type of track system
  • Damaged rollers? Our pros can replace your rollers too

Let us cover your Orleans garage door tracks repair needs today. Call our team for same day track & rollers repair.

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