Garage Door Cables

Have you noticed that the garage door cables in Orleans keep coming off their drum? Has one of them snapped? Call our company for prompt and reliable services. With expertise in cable services, we can repair, replace, and install them. Our overhead door repair specialists have experience in such services and come to your property properly Garage Door Cables Orleansequipped. Let us know if you need our assistance. Garage Door Repair Orleans is a professional company and provides reasonably priced cable services.

We replace garage door cables in no time

Call now should your garage door cables snapped. This can happen when cables become too frayed to carry the weight of the door. And cables must be in good condition and properly fitted to help springs open the door. So, when cables break, the door sags and becomes unsafe. When you experience such problems, give us a call right away. In such cases, we provide same day garage door cables replacement in Orleans, Ontario.

Our techs are experts in cable installation

Experience is the key to installing garage door cables correctly the first time. As expert and trained techs, we can assure you that the new cable will be installed properly. We take all necessary actions to ensure the service is provided safely. This includes releasing spring tension, clamping the door, and disengaging the electric opener. Our tech installs the new cable but never forgets to check that the other one at the opposite side of the door is in place. We won’t leave before making sure both garage door cables are properly wrapped around their drum and thus the door is balanced and easily lifted.

Want garage door cables repair? Call us

  • Garage door cables off track?
  • Is one cable off its drum?
  • Does one or both cables keep coming off?
  • Are the cables tangled?
  • Are the cables frayed or loosened?

We cover Orleans garage door cables repair needs in a timely fashion. Cables might come off for any reason related to spring, track, or pulley trouble. In any case, you can trust us to fix their problems properly and promptly. Whether your cables operate on extension or torsion springs, we can repair them. Whether you need to replace or fix them, our company can handle any service with equal professionalism. Call our techs today.

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